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Food Service

We have regular enquiries from cafes, canteens and food outlets about using the mixes in their businesses. It’s the quick, foolproof, economical option to providing a quality gluten free offering on a menu. The bonus is that your products will also be dairy, egg, nut, soy and sesame free, as well as free from gums, artificial colours, flavour enhancers and preservatives. Very easy for the front-of-house team to understand and sell.

We really know the hospitality industry. We totally understand that finding a efficient, capable team members is challenging, and keeping them can be even harder. In such a high staff turnover situation, you need foolproof recipes that anyone can step in a make, perfect every time, with few additional ingredients.

The Gluten Free Food Co mixes are too easy – just add water and oil, mix and bake. We provide excellent training materials and can assist with setup of your gluten free space as well as team training…there’s nothing Monica loves more than a bit of hands on training action!

Our dream is for gluten free cafe experiences to be also nutritious and delicious, and we are stoked to see vegan offerings being demanded more widely. Drop us a line if you want to discuss streamlining your allergy-free and vegan offering without compromising on quality or flavour.