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Smokey Maple Parm Cheez - the bacon-y nut-free Cheez Sprinkle 125g

$6.60 AUD

Smokey Maple Parm Cheez

Some ideas to get you sprinkling...

  • • Make perfect cheezy toast! Brush bread with olive oil, sprinkle on the Parm and grill til golden.
  • • Sprinkle onto soups just before serving.
  • • Toss with baby potatoes and bake in the flavour.
  • • Boost a risotto - add a spoonful during cooking
  • • Finish a baked Cauliflower Mornay with a sprinkle
  • • Stir through hot spaghetti with fresh parsley and black pepper for a simple, classy pasta dish.
  • • Delicious with fresh pears and figs
  • • Serve as a side with steamed greens
  • • Garnish salads after adding the dressing