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No gluten here, ever. Our people are coeliac, so gluten free is just a way of life around here. Our bodies also don’t agree with dairy and eggs, so we leave them out too. And because so many of you need to avoid nuts we skip them as well. Soy, sesame, GM ingredients…nope, not here.

Just eat real food. To us, that means organic, minimally processed whole foods. So that’s all that goes in to our mixes. No gums, flavours, colours or nasty ingredients make the cut. We only make products that we are happy to feed our own children every day.

How do we make it taste good? Because we are chefs and chefs are basically scientists in kitchens. We’ve learned what our natural ingredients can naturally do. So you can add some water, some oil, mix it all together and create delicious, vegan, gluten free cuisine. Easy!

Meet Monica

Who would have thought being diagnosed with coeliac disease all those years ago would have resulted in a career that is so rewarding. My diet now is so much richer than ever before, and the thought of tasteless, lifeless bread makes me sad for all those who haven’t realised the blessing of avoiding gluten and replacing it with nutrient dense, delicious staples. I welcome you to share your journey with me and work to make your intolerance the best thing that ever happened.

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